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Marusya Maralovna Assaubayev published the book “Pages of My Happiness”

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Very positive news
Sketch: Its female happiness
Each person in life has one purpose – to become happy. In what look the happiness wouldn’t be represented – in wealth, glory, children, friendship. The way choice depends on a choice of the purpose also. But sometimes, having reached something one, we miss much another, important and necessary, and after we try to make up and time left. And nevertheless such women who any inexplicably are able to combine the incongruous meet. One of such unique women – the known Kazakhstan businessman Marusya Maralovna Asaubayeva. To the anniversary Marusya Maralovna Assaubayev published the book “Pages of My Happiness” which, in fact, is the textbook for the young girls only entering adult independent life. To learn to be rich it is necessary at rich, to learn to be healthy it is necessary at healthy, to learn to be happy it is necessary at happy. So in what a secret of female happiness? We will look through book pages together.
Victoria Kozina
Meeting under the sign of destiny

The eighteen-anniversary is a boundary behind which the childhood comes to an end. To us both it is frightening, and it is interesting, what there behind the horizon? … We make plans which are simply obliged to be carried out. But why a half of them and remains projects?

In the 18th birthday and Marusya asked questions: what person I will become, what benefit I will be able to bring the affairs? It possesses remarkable forces and helps the weak. Whether it will suffice to become happy?

Marusya studied at pharmacological faculty, married off girlfriends and didn’t reflect at all on the device of the private life. Therefore didn’t allocate none of the guys who have come to it to birthday. The Rope was the only thing who drew its special attention, but on it already there were hunters.

And the Rope began to come to Marusya to a hostel, to invite at cinema and to concerts. Then already he admitted that noticed it on the first course. But, it is visible, destiny to them was intended to go on life hand in hand because on combination of circumstances the Rope which was going to be transferred to the Moscow higher education institution, refused at the last minute a trip.

On the Rope many girls and when Marusya had a car accident admired, she mentally already said goodbye to darling – why to it the invalid, when nearby such girls. And the Rope came every day to it to hospital, despite Marusya’s ban. She wanted to frighten off it the whims, and it carried out them resignedly. And so – 2 months and 10 days. Then Marusya understood that more reliably and more responsibly than the guy she hardly will meet in the life. The foundation of big, happy love of the Rope and Marusya was so laid.

After the termination of the Rope institute I put before it the ultimatum: “Or you marry me, or I in the direction go to other regions”. And she also didn’t think of the family relations, doubted, whether will be able to conform to its high requirements. But the Rope was sure that she will be the good wife.

“In everything I recognized its superiority resignedly. Though realized that without having married yet me, it already accustoms to the orders”.

The first mistake which is made by the young wives who have entered a new family, – attempt to separate from relatives of the husband. And on it they have the answer: “I looked for the husband, instead of the mother-in-law”. But without mutual understanding, support from relatives of the husband the young family is doomed to quarrels, partings, divorce. Marusya understood it early therefore it tried to be pleasant to relatives of the Rope, to make friends with them. It was given a cordial welcome by the grandmother Kanata, the father favourably met. Marusya Maral’s father though was afflicted first that his favourite baby bird departs from why nests, but the end was put by mother Kalamkas: “The daughter marries, it is the nature law. Happiness of the girl behind that threshold which she crossed”.

Marusya got to a kind family, to it helped, her supported, surrounded with care and heat, and she paid to new relatives in the same coin. With what heat Marusya Maralovna remembers today both the grandmother, and mother, both the father, and sisters brothers of the Rope… She admires wisdom of the parents who didn’t climb with morals in a young family, didn’t try to draw a blanket on itself.

“The daughter Makosh, – loving wise mother wrote her, – “A rope you found itself, now respect and appreciate the husband, don’t offend his brothers and sisters. About us don’t worry! Know that the married daughter is already the stranger in a home, be happy there where you came. Become for them the loved one. Respect his parents. Упаси My God to us to hear that we incorrectly brought up you”.

The mother’s order became for Marusya a guiding star to which she follows nearly 4 tens years.

Their family wellbeing began with “tumble-down house” in Alma-Ata. The rope worked, Marusya continued study. On Marusya’s memoirs, I came it is time to prove that she is the real woman. It became clear that much the girl isn’t able.

“The rope happened to try the first all my experimental dishes: and fish soup with an unextracted gall bladder, both fat-prezhirny pilaf, and the head of a ram with an undivided jaw… “.

When the first son Bauyrzhan was born, the young family had no permanent address, there was no money. Pregnancy was complicated by Marusya’s illness, it caught hepatitis, went to infectious diseases hospital. As Marusya risk didn’t frighten off the husband to catch, the Rope came every day. Bauyrzhan was born before New year. Young parents had no experience, at first Marusya even was afraid to bathe the kid. But it was necessary to get it together and to learn to be careful mother.

There was time. The rope worked at Kazmekhanobr institute, Marusya studied, Bauyrzhan went to kindergarten. After a while the Rope decided to arrive in postgraduate study. To them representatives of administration of institute home came, offered the 4-hkomnatny apartment, a high salary if only the Rope remained. The rope provided to the wife the right to make the decision. After all as though he wanted to continue study, the family needed normal living conditions. The casting vote at that moment belonged to the woman. Marusya felt skin as the beloved husband strained, and she blurted out:
– “Us money doesn’t interest. Where it will be interesting to it, there and we will work”.

“I am sure that the Rope waited from me for these words. My trust inspired it, inspired for new work”.

Marusya settled in a drugstore for a salary of 60 rubles, by the way, having worked on one place of 20 years. The rope ended postgraduate study, wrote the master’s thesis, worked in bank.

“Soon we received the one-room apartment on the sixth floor – for us it was huge pleasure. I remember how it from bank brought the first salary. I for the first time held such quantity of money in hand and remembered how divided cutlets into four parts and mixed with fried potato that food it seemed more”.

Soon one more miracle – the little son Aydar was born. The rope returned to institute the senior teacher. In June, 1985 the Rope defended the doctoral dissertation. After a while he was appointed the dean of faculty, in August of the 86th there was their younger son Sanzhar. Now the family moved to the two-room apartment.

Now young families don’t want to give birth to children, justifying housing problems, financial difficulties. Therefore it is necessary to admire Asaubayev’ family. Cutlet divided into four parts, but to children gave birth. Lived in the one-room apartment and brought up three sons. Worked and defended dissertations. Thus managed never in life to swear, not to break any plate, not to leave in a huff. Their family happiness didn’t depend neither on a housing quadrature, nor on monetary stocks, the main value – love and respect. If there is no love, patience, respect, the family is doomed to destruction even in the crystal lock.

Not commander, and second mother

All our tests and deprivations are rewarded from above. A certain prosperity
came. Boys grew in Asaubayev’ family healthy and clever. But it is impossible to tell that with them there were no problems. But here wise grandfathers and grandmothers helped. Everything should be overcome: both awkward age, and the conflicts at school, and childish pranks. But not for nothing speak: wisdom of mother in relation to children goes from her heart. Children whom love, bad won’t grow up.

And then reorganization, the sovereignty, market economy burst. Marusya Maralovna opened a private drugstore. Later Marusya Maralovna Kanat’s husband Shaykhanovich was connected to business also. Forgot about holidays, studied new business. Now their enterprise is visited by foreign delegations, recognition of the international industrial elite came. Children had an opportunity to study abroad.

And nevertheless Marusya Maralovna considers as the main merit creation of a big close-knit family which today enter the daughter-in-law and grandsons.

Relationship in a young family in many respects depends on how relatives of the new member will apprehend. How many families broke up from intervention of mothers-in-law and mothers-in-law. Marusya Maralovna always with gratitude remembered relatives of the husband, and tried to adopt their wisdom and patience. Time came, and her boys grew up, reflected on creation of the families. Now as the mother-in-law Marusya Maralovna had to act. She perfectly understood that any mother has a feeling of some jealousy to the son. The boy to whom you gave birth, I brought up, I left, cuts an umbilical cord and starts twisting the nest where there will be rules, orders, tastes. The main thing that having gemmated, children didn’t lose related touches with the earth, them grown up. Marusya Maralovna from the very first days tried to surround with care and support the snokh.

“Happiness of the young – in their own hands, and we won’t regret anything that on us will depend, – financial support, moral support. Our task – creation of conditions in order that they ended study and lived in happiness. Hard it is a task – to bring up a floret from other garden and to achieve that it didn’t lose the beauty and aroma, and I blossomed, as before, or perhaps even better”.

Probably, thanking and to Marusya Maralovna’s diligence, families of her sons are amicable among themselves, and grandsons consider aunts as the best friends, the daughter-in-law treat her as to native mother. So everything intertwined in this big close-knit family.
“Difficulties always were and is in life of everyone. For the years I understood that alone not to cope with troubles, they can be overcome only together: with the husband wife, with children, with relatives and friends. And at the head there has to be a person clever, kind, talented and given rise to be the leader”.

As true east woman, Marusya Maralovna means the husband dear to it of the Rope of Shaykhanovich.

Indeed speak, it is necessary to study happiness at the happy.


Your husband, Rope Shaykhanovich, made a speech at this meeting with the short speech which was enthusiastically met. About what he spoke?

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– I can literally read.
– Please.
– Ladies and gentlemen! Dear adherents of Kazakhstan! Today’s celebration of the 10 anniversary of the British-Kazakh association is a fine opportunity for citizens of both states to create joint affairs! In such evenings we recognize each other more! We learn traditions, history is pulls together the people! Our country – the reliable political and economic partner, at us it is favorable to do business. And it was emphasized by the ambassador of Her Majesty in Kazakhstan David Moeran. Saying goodbye to Kazakhstan, he told: “Kazakhstan is a place in which it is very pleasant to work. It is the country, on the one hand, – hurries in the future, and, on the other hand, – wants to make it as it is necessary. Kazakhstan very quickly overcame a big way and continues to move, develop promptly impressive rates! It deserves attention”. We are open, and we are glad to accept any new initiative from friends!
– You have a big authority abroad …
– Our company – the member of the London stock exchange, we often go abroad, naturally, are familiar with many authoritative businessmen of world level. In particular, with the remarkable person lord Peter Fraser who heads the British-Kazakh community, also we have good relations with the executive director of this society – Gaukhar Bramlet-Fenton. But where we wouldn’t be, first of all, we remember that we represent Kazakhstan, and then already – the business. Therefore, taking part in actions of the international scale, we do everything to popularize Kazakhstan. We behave according to the country law, we give national souvenirs, books, we answer interesting questions.
– For you foreign opinion is important?
– I am not afraid, I am not arranged, I don’t look back at anybody, but to opinion of people I listen. People can see shortcomings whi ch I for myself don’t notice. But I, by no means, don’t take offense at them if told about me it isn’t really pleasant. I look at myself from a position of that information which heard, and I draw conclusions. Sometimes it is useful.

– You wrote already some books about your life and business, now started writing verses. In what occasion write verses and to whom you devote them?
– It is difficult to tell. But usually the occasion is the emotions based on strong feelings. I devoted one of the last poems to the снохам which became for me native daughters.
– Read.
– I want that you became happier than me,


– Your family passed a big and difficult way in business, actually, it proceeds and now. If it was necessary to begin everything anew, what would make in a different way?

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– With that baggage of knowledge and experience which we had then, we couldn’t work in a different way therefore many miscalculations were made, it is accepted in correct decisions, but we studied as them. We passed all steps in business – from a lack of money and bankruptcy before recognition of our company at world level. But at each stage we were honest with the partners, clients, employees.
– Any business, any company can’t exist and develop without the conflicts. How you find a way out of conflict situations?
– As far as the conflicts (any – labor were unpleasant or intra family), they give the chance of transition to the new relations and personal growth. The conflict is opposition of two opinions. And, if the person or collective makes the demand, – it should be understood, and, whenever possible, to accept. Or to give the reasoned answer – why has to be so, instead of differently. I treat the conflicts normally, always I forgive the person to whom there was a misunderstanding, even if he actually isn’t right. I don’t see sense to conceal offense, to myself costs dearer.
– Your husband, you, three sons, now the daughter-in-law, shortly grandsons, practically all participate in company work. How you divide powers how you get on in this big family business?
– Very well we get on. And, first of all, because we never divide nothing. Imagine – the big mechanism in which work many details are involved, any of them will rust or will break – all mechanism will depart. And at us. If to someone it is uncomfortable or someone is deprived, the discontent, failure in work and so on therefore we have all will begin at once and always are on an equal footing. Besides, everyone carries out the function, and we constantly study something each other. I, for example, study at sons who got a good education, to economy, marketing. If I am not in a subject, interest to me as to the equal member of team, will be gone. Me will love, respect as mother, the wife, the grandmother, but as member of team – No. I have to correspond to time and a situation, differently it doesn’t make sense to be in team of business people, even if native.
– Recently your company in London received honorary membership in the British-Kazakh community. I congratulate you.
– Thanks.


MARUSYA MARALOVNA ASAUBAYEVA – the woman who considers itself as SIMPLY WOMAN, and actually, it is the faithful careful WIFE, remarkable MOTHER and the GRANDMOTHER. And that the surname of ASAUBAEVYH has high authority in a circle of world business elite, is her CONSIDERABLE MERIT.

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The nature awarded it many ABILITIES and TALENTS. And every day it uses them and improves to be useful to people, BETTER to make the WORLD ROUND ITSELF and is LIGHTER. Therefore any person of its environment feels the powerful STREAM of LOVE impregnated with sincerity and WISDOM of LIFE. In it there is a wish to plunge and be dissolved.

Text _ Svetlana LYSENKO
Photo _ Evgeny OSADCHY
Style _ Anastasia PROSKURINA

– Marusya Maralovna, two years ago you decorated a cover of our magazine and gave us interesting interview. Readers learned about Asaubayev’ big close-knit family, formation of your business, difficulties which you overcame, and pleasures by which were deservedly rewarded for work, persistence and decency. What changed during this time?
– The main change is a replenishment of our family. I gave birth to two granddaughters. In business there were some changes, my consciousness and outlook too underwent small transformations, but I consider them positive.
– You still remain the family center round which all her members accumulate. They share with you secrets, follow council, are heated near you. How you on all suffice?
– To me it isn’t difficult, to me so is easier. Each person in life has the place to which he has to correspond. In our family the part of the wife, mother, the daughter-in-law, the mother-in-law, the grandmother is assigned to me. And, it is necessary to play sincerely, honestly, with huge devotion. In a different way it is impossible if somewhere I am false, payment right there overtakes. And it not only in the relations with relatives. Such position at me on the attitude towards all people with whom I communicate and I have any affairs. I will tell more, it is necessary to pay not only for the wrong acts or words, but even for thoughts. In any case, at me so. I not comprehended at once it but when realized, understood that honesty and sincerity is qualities which can’t change. And if you want the world, harmony, heat, tranquillity – should learn to be given the same, only giving, you start receiving process.
– How long you studied it?
– Honestly I admit: this science was given me not at once. It was necessary to fill many cones, to spend sleepless nights, there were tears, misunderstandings, the conflicts. I tried on on myself an image of the strict and haughty mother-in-law, but it didn’t work, more precisely, worked, but not as there was a wish. I am grateful to the husband, his sisters, their husbands, снохам, entered our house and called me “mother”, and to all people who helped me to mature spiritually, to refuse arrogance, to become reasonable and wise. Mother in the childhood spoke: “everything, except itself consider as prophets”. Earlier the sense of these words for me wasn’t clear, but now I understand that it is possible to study culture and at the ignoramus therefore any person with whom the destiny reduces, leaves any trace in life, to something teaches, on something sets thinking or to refuse something.
– What do you think of trifles in life?
– Trifles in life don’t happen. On trifles it is possible to judge how the person will arrive in large affairs. In the same way, as there are no mistakes, after all mistakes often become the best teachers. Everything which has happened in life – good, bad – is necessary to help to become that whom we become.


You patient person?

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– I can suffer from physical pain or the problems, I won’t show that to me it is bad not to upset relatives, but to suffer any injustice or bad service – I won’t become.
– The best rest for you is?
– Earlier for me the best rest was in the bosom of the family, near the husband, children, grandsons. But now time when I find pleasure in communication with friends came. It is pleasant to me to communicate with girlfriends, to learn something new, to share with them the impressions, news, to give love. And, the age has no value.

– What for you money?
– Money is not the most important type of wealth. The main wealth for me – to live in my prosperous country, know that the family is in a good physical and spiritual shape. And to appreciate everything that is given us and when the person appreciates something, it grows in price. I visited almost whole world, but I consider our country unique for life, economy and business development.